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Oct 18, 2021

We all know exercise and fitness are good... but what does working out actually do? What do we want it to do?

  • Fitness does NOT burn calories the way we think it does. Our overall metabolic rate for any given day is typically going to be about the same above a moderate level of activity.

  • Fitness DOES strengthen your body. Fitness strengthen muscles, bones, and organ systems.

  • Fitness DOES strengthen efficiencies of toxin removal and nutrient deliver. Exercise enhances health and well-being by making many of our systems more efficient and responsive.

  • Fitness DOES enhance "metabolic flexibility" - the ability for the body to create energy through different pathways, from glucose, fatty acids, ketones, and proteins when necessary. This does not mean the more exercise, the more you burn fat. It DOES mean that exercise trains the body’s ability to burn fat.

  • Fitness DOES prioritize and distribute nutrients for body composition. The more quality fitness you do, the more your body distributes nutrients where they need to go to build muscle, recover, etc. It doesn’t "burn fat," but it builds muscles, which can increase in size compared to fat mass size.

The greatest benefits of exercise are the building of capacities, functions, and capabilities, the building of lean muscle mass, and the optimization of adaptive hormones, not to the burning of calories.

In this episode, we discuss debunking exercise for fat loss and what is an ideal time/energy level/type of workout while also stressing the importance of recovery! 

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