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Jun 6, 2022

You know how it is. You get excited about this thing. You decide to jump in. 

The problem is, there’s no blueprint for what it is you want to do!

Maybe you'd benefit from hearing Paul's personal story?

Listen in for a summary of Paul's story and some of the important lessons he has learned like: 

  • My personal vision for myself is the most important thing I’ve created. It guides me every day:

    • Be as healthy as I can.

    • Share this gift of health with others.

    • Practice meditation and mindfulness so I can cultivate awareness.

    • YOUR TAKEAWAY - create a vision for yourself, and constantly revisit it.

  • Fully commit to whatever it is that you want to do, while being flexible and open to possibilities. 

  • Take action! Say yes! Even if you're not ready, because saying yes will force you to get ready.

  • There is no blueprint for YOU and exactly YOUR way of doing whatever it is you want to do! 

  • Be honest with yourself vs rationalizng. 

  • PERSONALLY I don't focus on end results for happiness. I have goals which dictate my behavior. I understand a goal is nothing more than leverage to get me to do what it is I need to do. My happiness comes from connecting with my personal vision, all day, every day.


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