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Dec 31, 2018

foods to avoid

in this episode, we discuss our foods to avoid. . .


scroll down for notes and links :) 



our focus when eating real food:

  • give the body nutrients that it needs for structure, form, and function.
  • nurture our concept of self-sufficiency, metabolic flexibility, and fat...

Dec 11, 2018

about our wisdom and how we determine our guidelines

we are seeking what's optimal.  not just what seems to work in the short term.  there are plenty of ways of doing things that will get temporary results because they are better than what you were doing before.  we want what's optimal.  we believe what we offer...

Dec 6, 2018

in this episode, we talk about our all important values.  

some of our community values:

  • we seek FREEDOM everywhere we can get it.  from Conventional Wisdom’s view, and popular methodologies view, of what we need to do to be healthy.  from fad methodologies.  from the mainstream.  this freedom comes...

Dec 1, 2018

Our very first episode where we cover a brief history and biography of the hosts, and how the SHT came to be!  we'll also cover our mission and what makes us different.

After being misled by conventional wisdom himself, Paul completely turned his life around using ancestral health combined with modern wisdom, and guides...