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Jul 27, 2019

Strategic Fasting and how to lose bodyfat.

knowing that you don't have to eat is a beautiful thing.  in fact, not eating is actually extremely healthy.

this is a post and podcast with resources as well as the option to download a more detailed seminar with handouts.

  • what is fasting, and what is the difference between...

Jul 19, 2019

all of our foundations matter.

if we want to look, feel, and perform our best we must address ALL of our foundations for health.

  • most people focus on fitness and nutrition only, placing a larger emphasis on fitness than anything else.
  • the physical body requires food, natural movement, and sleep.
  • our higher selves...

Jul 13, 2019


hydration is important, and there are many ideas and myths out there.  in this episode we discuss:

  • popular myths
  • roles of water
  • signs of dehydration
  • mineralizing water
  • hydration guidelines

resources are in in the rest of this post.

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Jul 5, 2019

how to discuss CrossFit and nutrition with other humans

for those of us who do CrossFit and eat real food according to the SHT, we inevitably get into conversations about what we do.

  • as soon as we talk about CrossFit, walls go up!  people start talking about injuries, not wanting to look a certain way and other ideas...