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Oct 22, 2020

we LOVE THIS GUY! soldier, father, and husband, Kyle started with us as a drop in here at The CrossFit Combine and also connecting with us on SM, and has been a hard charger ever since!

we discuss making the SHT work overseas, in restrictive, limited situations, and all things implementation around a crazy...

Oct 19, 2020

we had a great discussion this weekend! it was a Halloween "pep talk" where we discussed strategies for keeping it real during social situations. we discussed how to assess treats coming in from your kids so that you can minimize the toxic damage! we also discussed some creative ideas for treats to give out!

we have a...

Oct 18, 2020

this episode is part 3 of a video covering a plethora of topics we were inspired by from some recent meetings and interactions.

in this episode, we explore the thought that some of what you think is healthy, really isn't. this realization changed our lives and we hope it will change yours as well :)


join our...

Oct 14, 2020

everyone is looking for the same thing, the big question is "how do we get there?"

we hope this chat inspires you in a way to explore and dig deeper into our awesome way of life :)


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Oct 9, 2020

in this episode, we talk about eating for nutrients rather than restriction and we get into a bit about we are all the same, and yet all different. HOW are we different and how does that affect our bodies?

tune in to find out :)


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