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Nov 19, 2020

Today, Paul discusses some ways to support your digestive system! this is a short and sweet podcast that talks about the digestive process, optimal digestion, and where/how you can support your own digestion! listen in at the beginning for some REAL FOOD inspo from Paul and Nicole :)

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Nov 12, 2020

in this episode, Paul and Nicole debrief the Immune System Vitality workshop talk from last weekend! Paul shares his 3 key principles to a healthy immune system and how we can work to improve our immune system ALL year round. 

listen in for some awesome immunity tips as well as this week's latest recipe of the week......

Nov 1, 2020

most of us have unconscious limitations that we have been "taught" throughout our lives. as we are taught these new, life-changing, amazing concepts on how to live life optimally, we sometimes get an unconscious resistance to it. acknowledging this and moving forward is KEY to gaining a healthier mind, body,...