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Sep 8, 2022

It was such an honor and pleasure interviewing Mikala McClain! She’s a mother, a wife, a nurse, and an entrepreneur. She has such a fascinating story, and a TON of great learnings and teachings I KNOW you’re gonna love. Mikala lost her mother early at age 11. This led to a desire for “self control” which translated into figure competitions and some body dysmorphia. Mikala learned that trying to control the external without working on the internal was almost futile; that set her on a path to learn therapies that could help her feel whole again.
Things we discuss:
• the loss of her mother and recent loss of her father and how that impacted her image of herself.  
• her disillusionment from being a nurse.  learning to notice why you feel a certain way, where it comes from.  
• more is not better, esp with fitness.  skimpy is not good, esp with nutrition.
• your why behind your health habits is important.  
• polyvagal theory and the states of the nervous system.
• and so much more!
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Deb Dana - Beginners Guide and Meditations:
Audio recommendation: Befriending Your Nervous System:
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