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Jul 27, 2019

Strategic Fasting and how to lose bodyfat.

knowing that you don't have to eat is a beautiful thing.  in fact, not eating is actually extremely healthy.

this is a post and podcast with resources as well as the option to download a more detailed seminar with handouts.

  • what is fasting, and what is the difference between fasting and the SHT Strategic Fasting?
  • why do we want to fast as an SHT community?
  • how long should we fast?
  • how long is too long?
  • what can we have on a fast?
  • what should we eat when coming off of a fast?
  • why does Conventional Wisdom say eat so many times in a day?
  • why is fasting so beneficial?

answers to these and more are in this podcast and below.  PLUS our Strategic Fasting seminar with handouts.