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Nov 17, 2019

we get the question a lot - how do I find my purpose? my passion? what I’m supposed to do?

in this episode, we talk about our humble thoughts on the process!

  • understand, maybe there is no ONE purpose or one thing you’re supposed to do. maybe our purpose is showing up each and every day giving the best we can!
  • find health and you will find yourself. from the context of health, life opens up.
  • create a vision for what you think you want. see it and feel it as often as you can. don’t worry about how. just focus on what you want. the path will unfold.
  • detach from the outcome. be flexible.
  • embrace uncertainty. embrace adventure.
  • expect great things. look for it.
  • be grateful for what you have and where you are.
  • show up to everything giving your best.
  • your healthful presence is what’s most important.
  • let go of the mystic self that has to be, see, and do everything.