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Apr 25, 2021

HOW DOES A LIPID PANEL HAVE SO MUCH POWER?! because we've been brainwashed for years to look at the wrong information. check out this short podcast based on a recent conversation with a client.

the standard lipid panel is outdated. the importance put on LDL is misplaced. and yet a lipid panel can scare most people away from doing the EXACT things they need to do to achieve the results they want.

trust me. I was scared (almost to death) from my initial lipid measurements. but since losing close to 100 lbs, normalizing my blood pressure, optimizing my insulin levels, improving my metabolic health, and doing this for hundreds of people, there is no doubt in my mind that I know what to look for. and I feel it.

in this episode we talk a little about what to look for. for a comprehensive guide to cholesterol including supportive experts, what to look for as far as numbers, and how to improve your markers, join our community @

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