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May 24, 2021

Like many of us, Christina and family come from a place of being naturally lean early in life, only to have unknowingly poor health habits creep up and manifest as symptoms later in life. All of a sudden, life seemed hard, exhausting, and extremely challenging.

Once she had the realization that her and her family deserve better, she experimented with many different workout programs and diets. Eventually, she landed on something that she could stick with, and never looked back.

With newfound energy and confidence, Christina and her husband Edward continue to empower their family and others with their example.

Among many other things, we discuss:

  • how to implement real food with kids.

  • the power of educating your kids on why you eat healthy and why you avoid toxic foods.

  • how to get the kids involved in cooking.

  • tips for getting the kids to enjoy meals.

  • how to get your kids to eat foods they don't like.

  • the importance of giving your kids autonomy!

  • finding a way of eating you can do for a lifetime.

  • the importance of being a leader and how your attitude towards health impacts others. Kids are always watching!

  • and so much more.