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Jul 20, 2022

It's all about the right light, at the right time, in the right amount!

We're so excited for this talk! Rudy has made the rounds on MANY high level podcasts and has been a guest instructor at many health institutes.

You know sunlight is good for you during the day...

You also know exposure to the wrong light too late is bad for your health.

What is it about sunlight that is good? What is it about artificial junk light that is bad? Most importantly, what can we do to optimize our health? 

Light is a powerful force that shapes your life and wellbeing. However, this force is a double-edged sword. 

  • The right light, in the right amount, at the right time will create healing and wonders. 
  • Artificial junk light is damaging your health, energy and mental wellbeing.

In this LIVE discussion with Rudy Nassif you will learn about the science, as well as all the strategies, tips and tools that you need in order to navigate through the daily bombardment of artificial junk light and maximize the healing natural light. 

About Rudy Nassif:

Roudy is an engineer, health entrepreneur, and founder of Vivarays, offering the most advanced circadian light therapy lenses for better sleep and energy.

As a child, Roudy was diagnosed with ADHD. Growing up, he turned into a night owl, often feeling depressed, fatigued and disoriented.

After trying many different diets, supplements, and healing modalities, nothing seemed to work. 

7 years ago, his depression and anguish became unbearable, so he left his job as an engineer to embark on a worldwide journey of learning about himself and nature. Roudy’s experiences transformed his health and life. His quest to understand this transformation and help others led him to study light, quantum biology, and the circadian rhythm. Thus, VivaRays was born.

Roudy has been educating thousands of health care practitioners and doctors about the quantum biological effects of light and helping them optimize their personal as well as their patients’ wellbeing. He is on a mission to elevate people’s light environment to a whole new level of alignment with nature in order to live in an optimal rhythm, improving their sleep, energy, focus, and higher productivity.

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