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Oct 5, 2021

We recently had the honor and pleasure of facilitating a talk for Natural Grocers on Food Quality. We talked a little about how upgrading your quality can impact your results. We also went into a spectrum of quality for most common foods we purchase.

Remember what you want from your health efforts:

  1. Improved body composition.

  2. Improved health.

Remember why you're eating food in the first place:

  1. For nutrients to contribute to structure, form, and function. These nutrients build the body and contribute to all the functions of the body.

  2. For metabolic flexibility and fat burning. You want to eat food in a way that nurtures your body's ability to use fat for fuel.

Eating this way contributes to and optimal body composition and metabolic health - the absence of metabolic syndrome = an ideal body composition, normal blood pressure, blood sugar handling capacity, low triglycerides, and high HDL.

Listen in for more on this super important and equally awesome topic regarding food quality! 

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