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Jul 28, 2021

We live in a crazy world. We have crazy chaotic lives. And that isn’t going to change. What we want is a daily practice that allows us to show up and enjoy things as they are.

Here’s the deal - if you can learn the basics of mindfulness, and learn how to use it throughout your day, your life situations may not change, but the way you show up will!

As I continue to age, many things are coming into perspective. Things that my parents and other wise people tried to share, but I wasn’t ready for. This is one of those things. Presence. Acceptance. Appreciation.

Join us this Saturday, July 31st @ 10:30 am PST for a virtual discussion on Meditation & Mindfulness Basics:

  • Mark your calendar so you get reminded. Right now! :)
  • Copy this Zoom link and add it to your calendar.
  • If necessary also copy Meeting ID: 853 9879 2900, Passcode: 323974
If all this meeting did was add a tad bit of happiness or hope to your life, wouldn’t it be worth the time?

Do you have any questions? Can I help in any way? Email or text me at (702) 546-6098.

Please be sure to connect with us!