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Mar 23, 2021

we've all heard sleep is important. but we've been conditioned to prioritize everything over sleep.

in a world of constant "doing," and with a career and family life that probably isn't going to change, how do we improve sleep?

understanding how sleep works is crucial. it will give you a better respect for the importance of sleep.

having a step-by-step progression that you can integrate into a modern life is also important.

this podcast episode gives a brief overview of the 2 workshops we've got coming up:

1) Making an Argument for SLEEP - all about understanding how sleep works, circadian rhythms, and sleep pressure. April 3rd @ 10:30 PST, in-person or virtual.

2) How to Improve Sleep - a step-by-step framework. April 17th @ 10:30 PST, in-person or virtual.

register at for a free trial. once inside, RSVP to either in-person or virtual.