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Jul 3, 2021

Meet Maurice!  A young man with a lot of wisdom!

At 21 years old, his poor health was inhibiting his life. His father (who happens to be a medical doctor) referred him to a functional medicine doctor at SouthWest Functional Medicine. They referred Maurice to the SHT to support their efforts, and the rest is STILL history in the making ;) Tune in to this episode to hear the interview and scroll down for some more info! 

Since starting with the SHT in November of 2020 (just 8 months) Maurice has:

  • Learned and implemented real food, sleep, and mindfulness.
  • Hasn't had anxiety.
  • Digestive issues are gone.
  • Hunger is gone.
  • Has lost 135 pounds, went from 440 to 305 and still losing.
  • No longer insulin resistant.
  • Enjoying food.
  • Sleeping like a champ.
  • Meditates daily.
  • Happy and loving life like never before.

In this interview, Maurice notes some awesome learning points:

  • Health doesn't have to be stressful or restrictive. There are just some basic guidelines, a framework, that needs to be in place. Within this framework, there's a lot of flexibility to enjoy life.

  • Flexibility is key. The routine can stay, but it can also shift! WHAT is in your routine is what’s important. The when and how is secondary.  For example, meditation may be ideal at a certain time of day, but it’s more important to meditate any time vs not meditating because you can’t do it at the perfect time. The same goes with food and sleep guidelines.

  • Health should enhance life, not make you so stressed that you can't enjoy life.

  • Real food the right way is a way of life for a lifetime. It doesn’t have to be restrictive, stressful, or temporary.

Lastly, it what you’re doing isn’t working, if you still can’t lose weight and keep it off, or have unresolved symptoms that you think should be getting better, you have to consider the possibility that some of what you think is healthy isn’t.

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