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May 5, 2020

it’s similar to Facebook  but 1M times better because:

  • it’s OURS!
  • no distractions or ads.
  • your privacy stays in the platform and with me and us.
  • all our courses, PDF’s and resources will be easily accessible.
  • all our “content” is beautifully organized by topic.
  • we have a recipe index with downloadable pdf’s.
  • you can write quick posts and in-depth article with rich formatting, images, videos, links, and attachments.
  • you can connect with other members privately or in groups. as we grow, you’ll be able to connect based on location and interests.
  • you can send private messages to members.
  • there’s a mobile app which is awesome.

we’ve been using this new platform for a few weeks now and LOVE it.

join us at